How do you feel about change?

Very few people like to change.

Change upsets our sense of safety and security.

Experts say big life changes, such as moving, the birth of a child, divorce, or death are some of the greatest stressors a person can experience. However, without change life remains stagnant and so does human evolution.

Perhaps you’re a person with a sense of mission, you have the vision to see the “big picture”—the positive end results of change—but can be stopped in your tracks with how change can be disruptive and upsetting for you in the physical world.

To make the big changes you need to become someone who is visionary and courageous. Even though this can prove anxiety-provoking, it is important to embrace change as inevitable and good. See it as positive and something to welcome.  You can live in the past or in the future, but if you are committed to your growth, you learn that the present is the only thing you really can change. By finding and embracing this present time as positive action combined with setting goals and a vision for the future you will find a way to create a safe way of being that enables you to navigate the ebbs and flow that occur with any worthwhile endeavor. 

When you begin to waiver and question the changes you have embarked on (it happens to all of us), focus on your values and your motivations.

If you allow your values and your purpose guide you, you will find it easier to stay balanced and retain your creativity, passion, and inspiration.  Over time—even quite quickly, you may even find your anxieties have lessened and your resolve, have heightened considerably. You may discover many things falling into place under the umbrella of your purpose and your creativity blossoming as your focus supports your quest to fulfill your purpose. 

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