How’s Your Stress Level?

This survey was created to help you identify your current stress levels and to gain a better understanding of how you react to it.

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You’ve experienced it. You’ve reacted to it.

For sure you can describe how it makes you feel, i.e. overwhelmed, frustrated, tense, depressed, out of control, unproductive.  Did you know that it also can be described as motivating, creative, exciting, clarifying and exhilarating?

How stress affects your life in contingent on your perception and how you think about stress. Remember, from a physiological standpoint, stress is the body’s way of responding to any kind of demand.  For instance, when in imminent danger, it alerts us to run, fight or freeze.  When impassioned, it ignites us into inspired action. Stress can also be a neutral response to any given event or circumstance.  

In light of your own opinions and worldview, the ultimate impact of the types of stress you experience comes down to how you see the stressor.

If you have any questions after you’ve taken the survey, reach out to me.

Here’s to living a life you love,

Tracy Jo

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Some ground I took while in the coaching relationship with Tracy Jo include: -breaking into new areas of business -saying “yes” to my dreams and making a conscience decision to live a purpose driven life -making the decision to be “huge” in all things that I do-deciding to be a “10” -recognizing my gifts, harnessing and using them-feeling proud -going for my dreams and having them turn out -self-confidence -authenticity -and last but certainly not least, FUN

S. Nelson

I’m not a struggling single Mom any more. I’m much more in the here and now than I was previously.  Additionally, I know what I want in the long term and have put together a plan for getting there.  And, because I now know that everyone is on his or her journey at EXACTLY the right place at the right time, I’m happier.  I’m able to help other resolve their conflicts by sharing this info with them.

Ruth M.