Is Meditation a Solution to Stress?

There is scientific proof that meditation physically changes the structure of the brain (neuroplasticity), releases stress counteractingchemicals, quiets the anxiety-creatingmind-chatter. Oh, so much more!   

Evidence shows that by meditating regularly for 20 minutes a day, can increase your intelligence by 23%. Really, that’s wild, isn’t it! Meditation balances your Left & Right Brain. This is called Whole brain synchronization. This phenomenon is shown to be present in highly successful people. Meditation also allows for faster neural communication and processing power.

What Can Meditation Do For You: 

  • Augments the neuroplasticity in the brain (makes you smarter).

  • Causes Super Brainwave patterns: Alpha, Beta, and Delphi. This enhances creativity, cognitive function, and overall brain power. 

  • Boosts intuition and insight. It increases what’s called “inner intelligence.”

  • Increase short and long-term memory. Two key memory associated areas of the brain, the hippocampus and frontal brain lobe, both show increased activity during meditation 

  • Expands the Emotional Intelligence. which is the ability to tune into and listen to your feelings, then work through them in a calm, thoughtful manner. 

  • Relieves and manages the effects of STRESS! 

Thank you for your support in my journey. Thank you for presenting an awesome tool in the meditation chair which allowed me to envision elements of my future. I worked my to do list and matched it to my physical calendar as well as my electronic calendar, which led me to complete my daily tasks and feeling accomplished in my endeavor to becoming a businesswoman as a transformation coach. Yes, Coaches need Coaches, it’s my superpower to be able to acknowledge when I need support and seek it.

Vanessa U.

Meditate with Ease

The Sound Mind Recliner is designed to relax and reduce stress, enhance self-awareness, develop intuition and inspire emotional acumen. It provides you with the ability to easily achieve all the benefits of meditation. Just lay back and let the chair do the rest.

Sound Mind Recliner’s technology was developed by a team of 40 healthcare professionals including doctors, neurologists, therapists, nurses, and healers, all with the goal to produce profound relaxation, stress reduction and facilitate personal growth. The recliner is designed to get you into a greater state of relaxation and into a deep meditation state almost immediately.

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