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Are leaders born or made?

It is true that there are those who are born with traits that seemingly without effort make them the leader of the pack. People naturally gravitate towards and want to follow these individuals. While this is true, studies show that leaders are mostly made. I might also add, because you may be one of those “born leaders” you too, will want to develop and refine your leadership skills throughout your life.  Leaders who do so, separate themselves from the so-so to the great. Great leaders influence positive change and make a monumental impact in the lives of other people.

Here’s the deal. At a fundamental level, we are all born leaders. We are born to lead our own lives. Whether you are in a position of authority, building a business or looking to be the leader of your own destiny, there are skills, competencies and character development that are not only attainable but necessary for living a productive, happy, successful life.   

Traits such as integrity, emotional intelligence, trustworthiness, self-confidence, determination, risk-taking are powerful qualities that can be cultivated and refined. The one obstacle that can stop the best and thwart progress is the lack of self-confidence, those who are dedicated to lofty endeavors and big changes can suffer from a plummeting confidence meter. This is true even for those who are considered highly successful. Highly successful women, in particular, can be bamboozled by the Imposter Syndrome, for instance. It’s a question of whether they deserve their success and having the confidence in maintaining it. Boosting their confidence makes a big difference in their ability to keep growing and moving ahead. 

Confident leadership is more than leading a group of people. It’s about extracting those skills and talents in you to evoke the best in others. Vulnerability, fear, and self-doubt are all a part of leading a big life. It’s not about not having these emotions, it’s having them and not shrinking from them. As a leader, your confidence is and will always be tested, because an effective leader does not stay in his or her comfort zone too long. Confident Leaders are continuing to open up new possibilities and steering their own success.

In the Confident Leader Program, you will: 

  • Identify your skills as a leader;
  • Name your vision and passion as a leader;
  • Learn how to stop self-doubt in its tracks;
  • Test your leader confidence skills;
  • Effectively apply your leader skills;
  • Assess your results;
  • Modify where needed and do it again. (practice builds confidence.)

6-month Confident Leader Program Includes:

  • Evaluation
  • 1- 60-minute Get to Know You strategy session. 
  • 90-minute, 2x a month One on One coaching sessions (i.e. in person is on zoom or in person at my office depending on your location) 
  • Off weeks there will be assignments to be completed 
  • Off weeks, 15-minute call in for check-in 
  • Unlimited texts and email for questions, ah-ha moments and on the spot brainstorming 

In all her coaching programs, Tracy Jo includes proven techniques and modalities that help her clients to understand their mind, their emotions and learn to release their distress. It is all intended for not only success in achieving their initial goals, but for sustainable success in living a life well lived. The Sound Mind Recliner is one of the tools she uses to help her clients to learn and experience the benefits of meditation.

Let’s Do This!

My results have been GREAT!  What I have learned has changed my life in a big way. I’ve achieved much more harmony in my workplace.  I actually look forward to going to work most days. I’ve achieved great goals at work, goals which once intimidated me.  I definitely recommend working with Tracy Jo if you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and make positive changes in your life. I was surprised by her insights and appreciated her direction. 

Susan H

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