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Change your game. Change your life.  

For many people, life is a struggle. An unwinnable war made up of unsettling battles with an invisible enemy. Sound extreme? The severity of the struggle depends largely on our worldview and our relationship with change.

Life is not a war. It’s a game. Yes! Life is a game. It can be a game that you consistently have what you want and live a genuine joyful, meaningful and successful life. If it feels like life is war, then there are some changes to be made. Changing how we play life’s game is not hard to comprehend. It is trickier, however, if we are living in the dark and can’t find the light switch.  

Here’s the dilemma. We are fabulous at adaptation. We can move mountains when we are compelled to do so.  We are also survivalists. We are wired to continue our existence at all costs. The battle is for control when faced with change. On one hand, we are meant to grow and evolve. The degree to which we are willing and able to adjust to change is the degree to which we have the chance of living a successful life that is joyful, meaningful and fulfilling.  

On the flipside, there is no 100% guarantee of the outcome when we make changes. This lack of surety smacks up against our survival impulse. For, after all, survival equals safety. Safety does not encourage change. No matter the circumstance, no matter the discomfort, if you survived yesterday, then chances are you will survive today if you continue doing what you have been doing. Contradictory to what expanding, growing and transforming our life.  

Here’s the irony. Change is essential for our growth and development as a person, as a species, as a society. Our human nature and inherited traditions, which we are mostly blind to, can cause us to be weighed down by our circumstances and harsh in our evaluation of ourselves, of others and life itself. Therefore, when it’s time for growth, change, and development, most humans resist.  

This resistance, even when we desire the change, can come in the disguise of confusion, angst, dissatisfaction, restlessness, anxiousness, and disenchantment. Often, we will describe ourselves as being stuck, fearful, depressed and uncertain.  This is the time when it behooves us to stop the madness and learn to be a game changer and play the game of *L.I.F.E.E. full on. 

  • L –  Let Go:           Identify and learn methods to let go of old, outdated coping strategies that stop your success. 

  • I –  Insight:          Gain insight to strengthen and partner with your intuition in recognizing what changes are to be made. 

  • F – Focus:            Develop the ability to focus on the actions necessary to advance and grow the changes you pinpointed. 

  • E – Empowered:  Discover the behavior, attitude, and confidence that makes you a brilliant game changer.  

  • E – Effective:      Put the changes you are looking for into play for the most efficient and productive outcome. 

Game Changer Program: L.I.F.E.E 

  • 6-Week Intensive Program 
  • Evaluation and survey of where you are stuck-Free 
  • 60-minute Get to You strategy session 
  • 5- 1x wk. 90-minute one-on-coaching sessions 
  • Outside assignments and exercises 

In all her coaching programs, Tracy Jo includes proven techniques and modalities that help her clients to understand their mind, their emotions and learn to release their distress. It is all intended for not only success in achieving their initial goals, but for sustainable success in living a life well lived. The Sound Mind Recliner is one of the tools she uses to help her clients to learn and experience the benefits of meditation.

Let’s Do This!

I’m not a struggling single Mom any more. I’m much more in the here and now than I was previously.  Additionally, I know what I want in the long term and have put together a plan for getting there.  And, because I now know that everyone is on his or her journey at EXACTLY the right place at the right time, I’m happier.  I’m able to help other resolve their conflicts by sharing this info with them.  

Ruth M

Accelerate Growth & Awareness

The Sound Mind Recliner is a recognized tool for stress management and relaxation. Medical professionals, coaches, and consultants use it to help patients and clients overcome obstacles while achieving higher levels of confidence and happiness.

Individuals purchase the Sound Mind Recliner for home use so they can access these benefits on a daily basis. Regular users report enhanced awareness, feeling more energized and focused on attainment of goals.

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