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“I know I’m meant for more!” 

What is ITIT is making you restless. IT is beckoning you forward and IT is determined. Pssst. Hey, do you hear it?  It’s that faint whisper in your ear. That insistent faint utters of sound that you can only hear? A low-level buzzing that keeps you slightly distracted. It’s definitely elusive but still consistently vying for your attention. 

Ah ha, you have a word for IT. IT is Purpose. But, it’s more of a question that you seek. What is it? Your life’s purpose is knocking and you can’t quite open the door. But beyond your grasp. It’s not a concept you can theorize with friends over evening cocktails. It’s not an attitude. Purpose can’t be reached, touched nor can it be checked off your to-do list. Purpose is not a goal to be reached.   

Ahhhh, do you feel it? That sensation deep in your belly. Something like butterflies fluttering. It’s tugging at you. It’s hard to describe.  Perhaps angst? Something like anxiety, but not quite that troublesome. Perhaps dissatisfaction. It’s definitely a yearning and it isn’t letting you off the hook.  

So, what is IT? Purpose is a force you feel when you are waking up and striving for your own personal development.  It’s about becoming the best version of yourself that you are capable of becoming. It’s the clue to the two most daunting questions you have ever had in your life “Who Am I?” “What the fuck am I here for?” 

Your purpose lies deep within the core of your being. The more open you are to asking the question, the closer you get to discovering what it is. The closer you are unearthing IT, the more charged your thoughts, words, and actions will be. The closer you are realizing IT, the clearer your perception, and the deeper your understanding. The closer you get to answering, “Who am I?” and “What the fuck am I here for?” 

The On Purpose program is designed to guide you through the process of setting you on the path of your full potential. The process equips you in developing the awareness, the ability, the thinking, the aptitude, the attitude and confidence to find and live On Purpose.   

You’ll gain clarity of thought, focused behavior, authentic character and a roadmap to reinventing you On Purpose. 

ON PURPOSE Program  – 

4-Month Transformation Coaching Program 

  • Approximately 950 minutes of coaching 
  • Preliminary questionnaire and survey-Free 
  • 1- 60-minute Get to Know You strategy session. 
  • Meet in person for 90-minutes, 2x a month 
  • ( person is on zoom or in person at my office depending on your location) 
  • Practice assignments to be completed 
  • Off weeks, 15-minute call in for check-in 
  • Unlimited texts and email for questions, ah-ha moments and on the spot brainstorming 

In all her coaching programs, Tracy Jo includes proven techniques and modalities that help her clients to understand their mind, their emotions and learn to release their distress. It is all intended for not only success in achieving their initial goals, but for sustainable success in living a life well lived. The Sound Mind Recliner is one of the tools she uses to help her clients to learn and experience the benefits of meditation.

Let’s Do This!

Tracy Jo has a holistic approach to viewing my life and articulating tasks, goals, learning, and self-discovery in a comprehensive and FUN approach that made sense to me. She incorporates dialog, listening, exercises that are aimed at assisting me in seeing my self clearly and creating a plan to action.

The interesting thing is she did this by helping me recognize that by going to a core of my BEING first, this allows access to one of the greatest storehouses of ALL my possibilities from which I get to choose the course(s) that are right for me now.

I HIGHLY recommend her services to anyone interested in taking their lives on to participate in creating a life for themselves that holds them to their highest potentials and happiness.

Ken B

Accelerate Growth & Awareness

The Sound Mind Recliner is a recognized tool for stress management and relaxation. Medical professionals, coaches, and consultants use it to help patients and clients overcome obstacles while achieving higher levels of confidence and happiness.

Individuals purchase the Sound Mind Recliner for home use so they can access these benefits on a daily basis. Regular users report enhanced awareness, feeling more energized and focused on attainment of goals.

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