Project Description

YOU are YOUR best source of healing

Let Me Help You Create New Endings to Old Stories

Here’s the good news, the latest neuro-science findings show that the brain and nervous system is changeable. That means it is possible to change our minds and our emotions by re-generating emotional memories that create neuro-pathways for new endings to old stories. The RIM® process does just that. Clients, with the guidance of a RIM practitioner integrates a new felt body-experience that switches to automatic and reflexive behavioral, physical and psychological changes.
Through the RIM® Process You Gain
  • Confidence and tenacity to accomplish your dreams
  • Sense of well-being
  • Ability to integrate new, positive thought forms
  • Capacity to break bad habits
  • Faculty to adopt behaviors and practices that align with your best self
  • Insight to build healthy and dynamic relationships
  • Capability to live fully and successfully
  • Resourcefulness to upshift pass your limitations


  • Is a safe neurological process where the client is in complete control of their experience.
  • Is conducted where you are most comfortable, such as in your home and over the phone.
  • Is guided by a trained and experienced practitioner.
  • Is an organic process that engages the client’s imagination and creativity.
  • Is a process that integrates a new body-centered feeling for well-being of mind, body and spirit.
You learn to trust and live at your best consistently. You overcome overwhelm, hesitation, outdated and unproductive habits. You can make positive change and RIM® will help you get there with more ease and grace.

“RIM® is specifically designed to tap into your intellectual mind, emotional heart, visceral body and
human Spirit so your whole being is engaged in learning.”

Deborah Sandella PhD, RN of RIM®

Accelerate Growth & Awareness

The Sound Mind Recliner is a recognized tool for stress management and relaxation. Medical professionals, coaches, and consultants use it to help patients and clients overcome obstacles while achieving higher levels of confidence and happiness.

Individuals purchase the Sound Mind Recliner for home use so they can access these benefits on a daily basis. Regular users report enhanced awareness, feeling more energized and focused on attainment of goals.

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This self-assessment was created to help you identify the big stressors in your life and tips on how to overcome them.

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